Amethyst Pendant Review

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I recently took a Geology class at college and it made me fall in love with crystals, so I just had to get a necklace! A lot of these necklaces are known to have "healing powers" which makes them even more interesting. 

 Amethyst Copper Wrapped Pendant - Etsy - $2.22 

Shipping for this item was $3.00, so the total came out to be $5.22. Not bad! It's exactly what I was looking for. I was personally looking for more of a raw looking crystal pendant rather than those clean cut, clear ones. I didn't want it to look too factory made, I wanted it to be quarter size, and I also wanted it to be a good price. Some of these crystal pendants can cost a lot! This item shipped really quick. I can't remember exactly how long, but I think it took 3-4 days to get to me. Overall I am extremely happy with this!

The only bad thing I'd have to say about this item is about the necklace it came with. It is just one of those cheap black cloth strings with a small chain on the end to adjust the length to where you prefer. I honestly didn't expect it to even come with a necklace, so it's nice that they included it, but one of the chains opened up on just the first day of wearing it! It's a small fix of just fastening the chain back on tighter, but I could have had a lost necklace if I didn't notice it fell off! >.< If you want to buy one of these then I suggest fastening each little chain or buying your own necklace.

The shop's name on Etsy is EarthBeat and they have a lot of different crystal pendants for good prices! I would definitely purchase from this shop again. Here are some pictures of other pendants from the shop.

You can check them out by clicking here!

My Thoughts on Ariana Grande's new album

Monday, August 25, 2014

Ariana Grande's new album My Everything was released today in the states! I tried really hard not to listen to the leaked/released songs, but I just couldn't resist. Although that may have taken away from the surprise of listening to 15 new songs, I am still super excited. I had the released songs on repeat the past few days and now I shall have the entire album on repeat these upcoming days!

I have to say that my least favorite song of the album is Hands On Me (feat. ASAP Ferg). This song just doesn't seem like her. I understand that artists like to try different music styles, but this song just isn't what I'm looking for when thinking "I want to listen to some Ariana Grande!" The lyrics are definitely more explicit compared to Ariana's usual love songs. I guess maybe she's trying to venture more into the sexual music that is really popular today, and I'm not saying that I hate it, but I know this will be her least listened song from me.

There are so many songs that I really enjoy on the album though! It's so hard to pick a favorite, so I'll just list the top five ones I'm just in LOVE with:

  1. One Last Time
  2. Be My Baby (feat. Cashmere Cat)
  3. Why Try
  4. Only 1
  5. You Don't Know Me
This album overall feels like Ariana Grande stayed true to her style, but at the same time I feel like it's different. It's hard for me to put it into words. There is more bass, electronic sounds, and a more pronounced beat compared to Yours Truly which had a lot of piano, violin, and simple beats. My Everything actually doesn't have any songs with violin in it (sadly, because that was one of my favorite aspects of Yours Truly). BUT I still am extremely happy with this album!