About Me

Hi there, my name is Angie. I'm 20 years old and going to school for mathematics. I like anything that has to do with creativity such as photography, art, crafting, fashion, etc. There is a lot of beauty in this world that a lot of people overlook and take for granted, so I try to hold on to my child-like wonder toward earth's beauty. I don't ever want to lose that part of myself. I have a boyfriend named Thai (Thaity Whities), and I have been with him for three wonderful years. My original intention for this blog was to post outfits, reviews, and cute finds that I find on the web, but I can't really see it going that direction anymore. It came to my realization that I just didn't have a passion for those sort of things, and I'd rather use this blog as a platform to post about things I really care about rather than materialistic things. I really like to look back on things I've experienced, and I think this blog will be the perfect place to document my thoughts and adventures as I grow.