Together Let's...

 Bake cookies 9/3/2011
 Go camping 11/18/2011 - 11/20/2011
 Go hiking
 Ride a roller coaster 3/16/2013
 Go to a lake 11/8/2013
 Go to Old Town Spring 4/22/2012
 Go to a concert
 Go to a water park
 Go to the zoo 2/19/2012
 Go to the Aquarium
 Go to the beach 4/6/2012
☐ Build a sandcastle
 Go to a carnival
 Go to a hockey game
 Go to a go-kart track
 Go to a trampoline arena
 Go bowling 12/13/2014, 2/8/15
 Go paint-balling
 Go lazer-tagging 12/13/2014
 Go rock climbing 1/24/14
 Go to Chuck E Cheese
 Go to Itz
 Go to Main Event 12/13/2014
 Cook a meal 2/14/2014
 Watch a 3D movie
 Watch a 4D movie
 Go to a pottery painting place
 Go to Build a Bear & build something
 Go roller skating
 Go ice skating 12/10/2011
 Have a water balloon fight
 Watch a play
 Go to an opera/musical
 Have a picnic
 Go to Splashtown
 Go to the Crawfish Festival 4/11/2012
 Go to Warped Tour 7/2/2012
 Go to Trader's Village 11/12/2011
 Go to the Galleria
 Eat at Freebirds 9/11/2011
 Eat at Chipotle's 4/14/2012
 Eat at Pappasito's 10/2/2014
 Eat at Chili's 2/14/2012
 Eat at Olive Garden
 Eat at The Spaghetti Warehouse 
 Eat at Willie's Bar & Grill 11/12/2011
 Eat at Benno's in Galveston 4/19/2014
 Go to Flamingo Chill 7/18/2012
 Go to the Children's Museum
 Go to the Houston Museum of Natural Science
 Go to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts
 Go to the Butterfly Exhibit
 Go to the Battleship Texas
 Go to Discovery Green
 Go to NASA Space Center
 Go to the Hamilton Pool Preserve
 Cover my whole driveway with chalk art 4/8/2012
 Go out and eat pho 12/31/2011
 Make homemade pho
 Adopt an animal
 First Thanksgiving 11/24/2011
 First Christmas 12/25/2011
 First New Year's 12/31/201 - 1/1/2012
 First New Year's midnight kiss 1/1/2012
 Make Halloween cookies 10/29/2011
 Carve a pumpkin 10/23/2011
 Go to a Haunted House
☐ Find or make a couple Halloween costume
 Make Christmas cookies
 Make Christmas sweaters
 Put up a Christmas tree
 Drive through a neighborhood with a lot of Christmas lights
 Go to The Festival of Lights in Galveston
 Make a Christmas ornament 12/2013
 Spend New Year's in New York
 Build a tree/club house
 Go horse back riding
 Ride in a chariot
 Eat a giant bowl of ice cream
 Watch the Harry Potter series
 Make a fort out of blankets 3/12/2012
 Spend the night 11/23/2011, 11/24/2011, 12/31/2011, 3/12/2012, ALL THE TIME NOW.
 Go to a Monster Truck show
 Make dream catchers
 Make firefly jars
 Make Tye-dye shirts
 Go to an icecream parlor
 Go stargazing
 Dye our hair 6/10/2012
 Take a bubble bath
 Take a shower 5/19/2013
 Paint Thai's nails 7/22/2012
 Paint something while blind folded
 Go see a drive-in movie
 Go to Denny's in the middle of the night in our pajamas
 Get tattoos
 Go to Kemah Boardwalk 3/16/2013
 Make a rainbow cake
 Watch the sunset
 Watch the sunrise
 Go miniature golfing
 Ride a ferris wheel
 Read a book
 Slow dance
 Make a really lame dance routine
 Go skinnydipping
 Carve our names into a tree
 Go canoeing
 Go paddle boating
 Experience the snow
☐ Go skiing
☐ Go sledding
 Get matching sweaters 11/4/2012
 Cuddle in a bunch of blankets in the back of a truck
 Go to a midnight movie premiere 
 Color a coloring book
☐ Go to a karaoke 
 Complete a puzzle
 Go fishing
 Take photo booth pictures
 Build something (desk) 3/29/2014
 Go see floating lanterns
 Make a scrap book
 Cook our own crawfish boil
 Go to a shooting range
 Go on a road trip
 Go on a classy date at a fancy restaurant
 Catch fireflies 
☐ Fly a kite
 Make a time capsule
 Ride in a hot air balloon
 Go skydiving
 Go bungee jumping
 Go zip lining
 Travel to another city
 Travel to another state
 Travel to another country
 Go to Disney World 
 Go to Disney Land
☐ Plant a garden
☐ Go to a comedy show
☐ Ride on a two person bike
☐ Go to a botanic garden
☐ Go on a vacation with just the two of us
 Take a dance class