Things I Loved in January

Friday, January 30, 2015

Blog Posts I Loved:
 An Honest Post on Friendships from From Roses
 Surprise 28th from Story of My Life

Music I Loved:
 Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars
 La La La by Sam Smith
 Money On My Mind by Sam Smith
 Leave Your Lover by Sam Smith
 Chasing the Sun by Hilary Duff
 Can I Have This Dance by High School Musical
 Five-Hundred Days by AJ Rafael
 Something's Gotta Give by All Time Low
 Another One Bites the Dust by Queen
 Under Pressure by Queen, David Bowie
 Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams
 Roxanne by The Police
 Highway To Hell by AC/DC

Videos I Loved:
 You In The 90s Vs. You Today by BuzzFeedYellow
 YOU'RE NOT GAY ENOUGH. by Ashley Mardell
 Living in the Moment by Ashley Mardell
 "Dear Girlfriend, Will You..." by Ashley Mardell

Movies/Shows I Loved:
 Big Hero 6 
 How to Train Your Dragon 2
 High School Musical Series

Things in Life I Loved:
 Going rock climbing for the first time
 Deciding to grow my hair out
 Learning how to parallel park and driving on the freeway
 The perfect, warm weather with beautiful, blue skies lately
 Driving with the car windows down on those beautiful days
 Revamping my blog template all on my own and feeling so proud of it
 Getting through a milestone with Thai that made our relationship stronger
 Reaching 10 pounds less than my original weight (although it fluctuates)
 Planning to go to South Padre Island with friends for Spring Break
 Doing the Baymax fist bump from Big Hero 6 with Thai
 Dancing my heart out without caring if I look crazy
 Playing tennis with one of my close friends, Leslie

I thought I would give this kind of post a try on here. I was inspired by Amy from catscraftsncritters to start blogging about things that I love or make me happy throughout the month. Every time I read her Weekly Overviews in which she lists the things that she loves during the week, I always feel so happy and inspired by her ability to appreciate the littlest things that she experienced. I want to see myself be more appreciative like that. Before I started typing this post, I honestly did not expect the list to be this long! It actually makes me feel quite wonderful to see just how many things made me happy, intrigued, or inspired throughout the month. I guess sometimes we tend to forget about a lot of the little things. That's why I think that starting something like this is a good idea! Not only can it help you realize all the wonderful little things that happened to you lately, but it can also allow you to look back on those things in the future.

What things did you love in January?